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Properly Cultivate Coins In Madden NFL 18 

In Madden NFL 18 you must properly cultivate coins, if you want to assemble a competitive team in the MUT. You'll need the coins to buy new players or packs that will give you the upgrade you need. We would like to show you the importance of earning coins quickly and effectively in the Madden Ultimate Team. 

The key to success in MUT are primarily the coins. Of course you can count on your skills on the controller, but you will not have a chance against a good team, mainly gold and elite players, if you do not invest in new players or packs. Here you will learn how you earn massive coins through the auction house or use the MUT Draft, for example, to fill up your coins account. 

If you start the MUT mode for the first time, you will be guided to first solo challenges. Here you play against the AI and dump first coins, players and packs. However, you will receive only about 65,000 coins when you complete all the solo challenges. This is not very much, if you look at the large number of orders times. Nevertheless we recommend you to complete the first challenges, so that you can reinforce a few positions. 

Since the solo challenges take too much time, we would like to show you here the best and fastest method we have ever been able to use to build a lot of coins. Keyword: "Get a Player". 

In the menu of MUT, go to "Featured" to "Get a Player". Here you pay 500 coins for a random player. This may not sound lucrative at first, but we can assure you that almost all players from this random pack are worth more than 500 coins. You will get a silver player in most cases, but you also have the chance to win gold and elite players, which are usually far from more than 10,000 coins. 

These players are now available for sale at the auction house. Alternatively you can of course strengthen your team, but since it is about the farming of coins, you should sell them profitably. This is the simplest method that even beginners have quickly internalized. We will show you the auction house and the MUT Draft. 

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