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Madden 18 Does Not Require 4K And 1080p Update On PS4 Pro 

EA Sports clarified the attitude of Madden NFL 18 regarding the PlayStation 4 Pro graphics features. In a statement to GameSpot, EA Sports confirmed that the game does not require 4K and 1080p update on the PS4 Pro. 

Madden will work at NFL 18 with a frame rate of 60 fps. However, HDR support is not yet available for PlayStation or Xbox consoles. 

Madden NFL 18 was supporting the PS4 Pro while making it into the market at 4K and 1080p. If a player chooses to run Madden NFL 18 at 4K, they will have a better resolution, and if they choose to run the game at 1080p they will have an improved frame rate in certain areas. The core will play at 60 fps no matter what the game is. There is no need to do HDR support at this time. 

This statement came in response to a report Madden NFL 18 said it would need an update to support 4K and HDR. The statement says nothing about the graphics features of the Xbox One S or Xbox One X. 

Last days for Madden NFL 18, which will be released on 25 August... 


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